Toddler Connecta Review

I have never made a secret of my love for Connecta as a perfect enabling carrier and I was very excited at the prospect of a toddler Connecta. At the Natural Mamas Big Camp 2012 I got to try the tester Toddler Connecta and I absolutely loved it, so much so that I immediately pestered Sarah to sell one to me as soon as they arrived with her!

Sarah said I could and luckily for me I did not have to wait too long! I choose a guitar print as it is a print I have always loved, is gender neutral and is nice and cheerful to look at.

I have been testing it as my go to carrier for the last week and I am very impressed. I love that it has retained all the features of the standard sized Connecta which I love so much. The flexibility, the fact that it is so incredibly light weight and the non structured waist.

We tried back carrying in our local park to pick some brambles ( or black berries if you do not know what brambles are …)

Bramble picking

We also tried it around our local supermarket, which was such a big success that she fell asleep immediately a great compliment as she now rarely sleeps in a sling.  The we took it on an adventure, which accidentally led to a trip to the doctor for me to have my hand stitched back together, proving that it is a great sling even with limited hand mobility. My daughter is nearly 2 and tall for her age yet she still has plenty of growing room making it a perfect next step after the standard Connecta

My top three plus points for the Toddler Connecta:

* Easy to put on

* Light weight

* Affordable

If my post has convinced you that you need a Toddler Connecta, a pre order for the Toddler Connecta can be found here.

with instructions

My toddler Connecta will be available for hire soon, if my daughter lets go of it that is.

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