Welcome To Wrap My Baby!

Anne, babywearing instructorMy name is Anne McEwan and I am a Work at Home mum, Home educator,  Carrying Consultant and Trainer.

I am passionate about parenting and understanding how and why things work the way they do.

Slings and babycarriers have been part of man’s toolbox for as long as we have been moving about. They are a tool that any parent can benefit from using whether it is for short trips or as part of their approach to parenting their children.

My children are at the focus of my life right now so you can expect to come across a lot of mention about them.

Babywearing is an art and it can be very helpful for parents to have someone show them how to do it safely and comfortably. Under the subforum consultations you can find information on consultations, free clinics and group workshops for parents in the Swaffham area.

As a trainer I also provide tailored advice for professionals. These range from lectures to ways to helping businesses develop and keep up to date with carrying and safety advice. Everything will  be tailored to your specific needs. More information can be found under the Training subsection.